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Flood Plain / Flood Risk
If you are buying real estate near a river or sea / ocean, it may be wise to ensure the property is above the flood plain. Always be aware of the flood risk of any property near a large water mass.

Water noise
Be aware that being too close to a weir, waterfall or even breaking waves may sound enchanting at first, but can disturb your sleep and make you want to visit the toilet often once you become used or even tired of it.

Beachfront sand issues
Be aware that certain seasons may bring strong winds and sand entering the property / grounds can be a serious problem.

Tsunami & Earthquake Risk
The island of La Palma in the Canary Islands has a large unstable land mass which could (many say "will") fall into the Atlantic Ocean and create a mega-tsunami (see New Scientist article) which will afflict the whole Atlantic Coast. Therefore properties 30 meters or more above sea level may be a good idea.


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