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Prospective GB Waterfront Property Buyers: We give you honest advice up front about what to look for and consider when buying waterfront properties in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland. We also have the lowest seller fees, so sellers here should be offering you the lowest United Kingdom waterfront real estate prices. From expensive City of London penthouses overlooking the River Thames, to English coastal houses in Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and elsewhere.

Advertise your English / Scottish / Welsh waterfront property here for only £20 (listing fee) and 1% commission IF your riverfront, oceanfront, seafront or lakeside home is sold as a result of an enquiry made here.

Devaluation Dangers
Do your research into proposed or potential nearby non-complimentary projects such as road construction, traveller sites, housing estate or other building developments. Remember, if your view is of or over other people's land, things may change beyond your control.

The Neighbours
Check the neighbourhood for warnings signs such as graffiti; driving around the area at 11:15 PM on a Friday night onwards is also a good idea. Pop into the local pub and say you are thinking of buying a property nearby, then ask if there are any problem areas.

Flood Plain / Flood Risk
If you are buying real estate near a river or sea / ocean, it may be wise to ensure the property is above the flood plain. Always be aware of the flood risk of any property near a large water mass.

Tsunami & Earthquake Risk
The island of La Palma in the Canary Islands has a large unstable land mass which could (many say "will") fall into the Atlantic Ocean and create a mega-tsunami (see New Scientist article) which will afflict the whole Atlantic Coast. Therefore properties 30 meters or more above sea level may be a good idea if you are looking at seafront / oceanfront property in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall especially.


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